TJCII Prayer Group

Inspired by the wisdom of the first Jerusalem council in Acts 15, and Yeshua’s prayer for unity in John 17, TJCII is a global education and prayer movement involving over 200 groups in 29 countries worldwide, including one in Columbus!  Please join us on the second Thursday of each month from 7:30-9 pm at Beth Messiah Congregation, 4950 Morse Road, Columbus, OH, to pray for Israel and for unity and reconciliation between Jewish and Gentile believers in preparation for Yeshua’s (Jesus’) return! More information can be found at:











Stay tuned for more information at and the citywide gatherings in 2019. Exalting Jesus and celebrating His victory for us at the cross is our primary vision. We know God will use this gathering to inspire and mobilize us as well as form a stronger foundation of trust across the body of Christ in our city. We also take the opportunity to pray together for each other and for our city, knowing that our prayers are powerful and transformative.










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